There has been a recent virus attack that has been attacking computers worldwide.

It mostly affects users of Windows XP see below:

If you are running this software or any version of Microsoft windows and you see the virus screen pop up see below:


  • Please turn off your computer.
  • If it will not turn off by shutting down in the normal way then switch the machine off from its mains power socket and call IT Support for advice.

Downloading from Cloud based storage:

  • Please take care when downloading from cloud based services such as Google or Office 365 if you see any file without a real name such as txter@aolransomware.etcetc DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT, turn off your PC/Laptop at the wall and report the issue.
  • If you are downloading emails…hover your mouse over the download link and again look for spurious names eg DO NOT ACCEPT OR DOWNLOAD THIS EMAIL.

Thank you for reading this.

We may be able to recover some of your data if you act quickly enough.


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